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Started by trafalgar, July 07, 2010, 05:54:58 PM

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mirror wrong

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I saw "ray_bounces" tutorial  but I don Know in my preview image there is not imagen of "backplate"
only floor and walls
what can I do

thank you


Use an Hdri environment of a river scene if you can find one?
Convert that backplate image to an Hdri if not?

put in a plane behind the mirror and map the backplate image to it as a decal?

i have not tried the last one but i'm pretty sure it would work

normally the best way to get an image with a good reflection is to use an Hdri and backplate from the same location


Correct. You can't convert a jpeg to an actual HDRI. jpeg is 8 bit, HDRI is 32 bit. All you will get is reflection of the environment, but not lighting information.


I have used keyshot's enviroment & backplate (by defect)
but i don't understan why my background don't arrive to edge

a lot of thank you


Got to Preferences, and check "Adjust Realtime Window to Backplate". Now when you drop in a backplate, it will automatically adjust the realtime window. Or you match the aspect ratio of the realtime window manually to the back plate in the "realtime" tab.



Thank you so much for the help!