Author Topic: keyshot not writing files for render region and max time render setting  (Read 2972 times)

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Offline jp_li

I'm having an issue where I render locally using the maximum time settings.

When I select a region to render, keyshot will render it, but not properly write out the file.  Photoshop reads it as corrupt. 

If I render the entire scene, then keyshot will write out the file properly.

Has anyone experienced this as well and have a work around?

thank you ,


Offline Bruno F

Hello JP,

A few questions:

1.  Which exact version of Keyshot are you running? You can find this information under Help>>About (on Windows OS) or under Keyshot>>About Keyshot (on Mac OS)
2.  Which file format are you rendering?
3.  Can you provide screenshots of how the region rendering should look like and what you obtain?
4.  Are you able to reproduce the same issue with a different render quality setting?

Best Regards,


Offline jp_li

we are using keyshot 4.0.74 floating license

I just did a test and the exr's do not write out but if I write out a png it does save the file.  However, if I don't do a render region and render the whole image size, and exr will write out.

Offline Bruno F

I'm not able to reproduce this issue.  Please sumbit a sample .ksp file (File > Save Package) to [email protected]

Offline Brandon Davis


Are you using network rendering when rendering the image?