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Fokker 50 home cokpit ... my hobby
« on: April 05, 2013, 12:15:45 pm »
Here are some renders I made 'bout my hobby ... home cockpit simulator building.

So I was building a Fokker 50 cockpit simulator at home, but then my parents moved and there was no more spare room for the cockpit, so it's in boxes in my mothers house.  Since then I baught my own house, got married, got kids, etc etc.  And now most time goos to renovating the house.  But in a couple of years I'll pick up the hobby again.

I made some renders from my plan to build my own Korry type switch replica.

It concist of a real (cheap) switch mounted in a hardboard panel.  On top comes a square alu tube.  Inside that small tube, I fit a square piece of plastic from an old CD-case.  Behind that special stickers I had made for the label (black blocks light, white lettering bleeds trough).  Behind that comes hot-melt-glue with 2 LED's in it and a piece of cardboard to block the light from one text/led to the other.  Over that comes a slightly bigger square tube that rests on the hardboard panel.  Then comes a panel of white milky plastic that will hold white LEDs for backlighting of the final lightplate panels that come on top.  This way all letterings and lines on the lightplates will be illuminated.