Live Linking not Working Rhino 5

Started by Robb63, April 22, 2013, 07:19:33 AM

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I'm using Rhino 5 (latest build), and the Keyshot 4 64 bit plugin 2.0.

Using the plugin in Rhino 5, The "Render" command works fine, and the "Export" command works fine too. The "Update" command doesn't seem to make anything happen. I'll see the shortcut of KS4 flash yellow in my task-bar (I think that tells me something is happening?), but when I go into KS4, none of my updated geometry is there.

I have Rhino 5 running, and KS4 running, with a model I put in there using the "render" button from the plugin.
Is my workflow not correct for how to use the plugin?


You will have to select the items you want to update inside of Rhino and then hit the update button.


Yep, that works!! I knew there was something wrong with my workflow!


Not for me - it says "could not connect to Keyshot check Live Link settings"  Live-Link is checked in Keyshot and still nothing even if I select the modified part.

I'm running Rhino 5 x64 and Keyshot 4 x64 with the latest plugin.

Turns out I have the same problem in SW 2013 x64