SW2011 beta and Keyshot

Started by quigley, July 13, 2010, 03:55:57 PM

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Now that SW2011 is underway how long will it take before the SW2011 file format is supported by Keyshot? Typically SW fiddle around with their API right up to release and beyond, but is there is anything we SW beta testing users can push then let us know. Would be nice if SW got their act together and sorted all the API issues out in the beta period so that companies like Luxion have a chance of updating their apps to handle the new file format ASAP after release.


Kevin - you know the answer ... I tried this every year, without luck. The API is always 6 weeks behind. According to the SW team this is how it works, and nothing can be done about it.




Hey, SolidWorkers- don't forget, but I believe SW2011 will not run on XP, and it won't have PhotoWorks, not that it matters!  Time to upgrade to Win7x64, as I'm now preparing to do.  Like prepping your mind for a double root canal!
Bill G


No Bill, it does run on XP. But Photoworks is no more.....