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Animation Timeline Clipping
« on: May 02, 2013, 08:22:22 am »
I'm creating animations that have rotational movement set at a specific angle.  For example: I'm rotating a dozen model parts at 67 degrees for 3 seconds.  I have all the animations copied into one animation folder called (Rotate 67).  If I needed a new animation to show all the objects stop at 24 degrees for another animation group folder sequence to start, then I would have to either edit or copy the folder and manually change the values for each part.  Being able to clip an entire folder at a specific time on the timeline would be a great addition.  This would work if a specific angle was not needed.  Or the timeline can show detailed information of your rotation degrees as you move along the timeline.  If a specific angle of rotation or translation distance was needed, then a master value dial for the folder that controls all the part rotations (with similar values) would be helpful.  This could also be applied for translations.  This may not work with complex multi-axis rotations and translations.  I think it would be easy to apply to single axis rotations even if the parts rotate on different axes with positive or negative values.

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