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Offline Philrider7

Hi, I am importing a 1.2 gb Rhino file into Keyshot, but during the loading I get this message of an error: Out of memory (requesting 41 bytes)!!! This may cause instabilities...

I've watched my memory in the task manager and with 9 gb of memory installed, this crash at 4 gb of memory used. So I dunno what's happening?



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I have a couple of gb ram, but can only use 1 due to Windows XP.
Not because you have 9, your OS will let you use up all 9 for a single aplication.


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I think this is addressed in 4.1.

Offline Philrider7

Will update to 4.1 one day when it's up and see if set things right! Thanks Thomas.
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Hi, Thomas!

Same problem appears here when I import some models: "Out of memory (requesting 41 bytes)!!! This may cause instabilities"

I already made the update and it was not resolved. My workstation have 8Gb ram and Windows 7.

How to proceed?



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32bit or 64bit? And how big is your model?


File: 50mb. Maybe the model is too heavy...?

I deleted some details of the model and the size down to 15mb. Now, it works.