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Started by WILLIAM-BOYCE, June 04, 2013, 11:53:52 AM

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I am using SolidWorks 2013 and KeyShot4
When inporting to keyshot my round hoop of my wheel is almost hex like. Any help would be great. Is this because of setting in SolidWorks or KeyShot?


Also why the spliting on the side wall?


Suggestion: search the forum for "tesselation" and "solidworks" ... I'm sure this has been discussed  ;)

Cheers !


In SolidWorks, go to Tools>Options>Image Quality and set the slider just to the left hand edge of the red warning bar.  That's the best you can do within SolidWorks.  Hopefully someday SW will realize that we now render SW models in advanced, 21st Century rendering apps like KeyShot!
Bill G


PhilippeV8, yes tessellation worked great I found it on the import options and played with it some that did the trick. It did increase the import time by quite a bit but I’m cool with that.
Speedster, I also played with this option it also works increases the import time about the same as the tessellation option but also slows down SolidWorks.
I will be playing with all the options and try to maximize my performance.
Thank you for the replies they helped much.