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Started by shodis, July 20, 2010, 05:17:35 AM

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I still have alot of the "old" Hypershot (Bunkspeed) materials on my computer that I want to use, does anybody know if I can import them into Keyshot-2 ?

I am already using the Hypershot backplates and environments in Keyshot-2 but the material files of hypershot are different from the keyshot files

If this is not possible; can anybody tell me where to find material libraries online ??




Yes you can - all we changed is the extension for the material files. Simply copy and paste the HyperShot material files into the KeyShot\Materials folder.


Robert V.

it shouldn't be in seperate maps (bunkspeed) copy the files inside those folders (for example: glass) to the place of the folders themselves.


I understan you, but how Can I  open a file *.mtl (KeyShot)... only inside KeyShot program then is not "typical" file as same as BunkSpeed
BunkSpeed file is typical Window file (don't have any extension)  only materials has extension (crystal diamond, etc)

please, Would you explain it

Thanks you


This is from a different program and not supported in KeyShot.