Label with transparency mapping to outside and inside surfaces of glass bottle

Started by york04, April 18, 2013, 03:53:44 PM

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I am applying a label (PNG with transparency) to a glass bottle. The label applies correctly to the outer surface, but it also applies to the inner surface, where I do not want it (example image attached.)

Material type is glass, mapping type is cylindrical, depth (under label properties) is set to 1 and grayed out and cannot be changed. Selecting and deselecting "Two sided" (under Labels and Properties tabs) has no effect.

I also tried mapping it to another 3D cylinder (both models made in MAYA), in case the glass bottle normals might be in error, but got the same double-label effect. Any thoughts on correcting this so that the label only appears on the outer surface of the glass bottle would be appreciated. Thank you.

KeyShot 4.0.74
Windows 8 x64



Thanks for your reply, Martin. The depth slider is grayed out and cannot be adjusted.


It should not be greyed out, did you remember to click the labels slot on the texture settings and to highlight the label name in the list ?