4.1.35 materials window

Started by evilmaul, June 25, 2013, 08:11:10 PM

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hi there,

I have got to this release by installing updates so I hope its fine this way.
I ve been noticing , since I installed the first 4.1 beta, that unlike version 4 now the scene tab has got back the material subtab in the bottom window that is great and I missed since v3, but then
its now disappeared from the material tab itself?  Is this wanted?  I think its vital to see the shader spheres under the material tab.....or do I need to re install the whole package?


BTW Great new release!! :)  I hope to see soon the caustics working  on translucent material as well I really wanna give that kick in the eyes ;)


yes it has been removed from the material tab. We can look into putting it back if desired.


pretty please! :)
I think it makes sense to have it there more then under the scene tab.
But in both places its even better, just like it was in KS3




Please make the materials window available in both places.

Under the scene tab:
It's great for dragging and dropping materials on objects in the scene list.
Especially for small objects that are hard to assign materials in the realtime window.

Under the Material tab:
It's great for quickly editing and comparing materials.