Author Topic: Problems with Region Rendering while doing Turntable Rendering  (Read 3337 times)

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Offline rod

Love this version of Keyshot!! However, I do have an issue I cannot figure out.

I have no problems with turn-table rendering or with area rendering. However Keyshot acts up when I try to render a certain area of the environment while I have turntable rendering checked.

My model is a slender spinner rack so I need to crop out a lot of the excess environment on either side of the model before rendering. Keyshot does great for a single rendering but refuses to render the various "slides" properly when attempting to render the same area for a turntable rendering. I really need area rendering to work while doing turntable rendering.

Also, when I name the first file 01.jpg in my turntable rendering and click on another tab Keyshot changes the name back to its default naming. What could I be doing wrong?
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