Camera settings from Zbrush to KeyShot ? [RESOLVED]

Started by Tetsuoo, August 30, 2013, 05:27:47 AM

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Hi everyone,
I'm working on this character for quite a while now, just when I thought I've resolved this problem, here it goes again... What do you guys think about that ?

From here I can tell the render from Zbrush looks more like the real model :o
In Zbrush with Perspective mode the 'Angle of View' is 35, so in KeyShot I've put the camera focal length to 35 as well, what am I doing wrong ?

Chad Holton

Based on your reference pictures, it kinda looks like you have orthographic on in Zbrush?


Hmm no I've put Perspective on before making the render in Zbrush. How can you tell ? o_O

Right now I'm trying a focal lenght of 50 into KeyShot and see if it's any better


ok, just in case anyone is interested (...), thanks to an advice from Victor Hugo Sousa (nice guy), I put the focal lens of camera to 85.
I don't really understand the rule to go from 35 to 85, but it works.