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Aquarium box

Started by DriesV, September 23, 2013, 08:39:42 AM

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Here's an aquarium box for you to play with. ;)
Feel free to post any shots of your own submerged products. ;D



you are a good man ,thank you!



the scene is broken, can't open file,, please upload again the files, thanks


It works fine. Please make sure that you install the latest version of KeyShot.


Thanks, Dries!  Fun toy!

Dropped my (well, not mine-it was provided years ago by a client) skull in, changed two balls to area diffuse lights, and hid the third.  The kicker, of course, is the unexpected behavior of the ball (now light) on the right, that blasted a hole in the cranium!  Go figure!  My aunt used to say "Be aware of accidents, as they may be blessings in disguise"!

Happy Halloween!

Bill G


Ha! Cool, Bill! ;)
You should do another shot with bloody red water and a shiny chrome skull. Maybe put some spherical area lights in the eye sockets.
Terminator, anyone?... ;)