Author Topic: Resuming a KeyshotVR crashed render  (Read 3443 times)

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Resuming a KeyshotVR crashed render
« on: September 26, 2013, 10:37:45 am »
Hi All.
Is there a way to render a sequence of a hemi-spheric KeyshotVR from a mid-sequence-frame?

Following a power fail, computer (PC) stopped rendering a long sequence of 720 frames. Stopped at frame 340.
Is there a way to ask Keyshot to render from that frame from 341?
Any other clue?

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Re: Resuming a KeyshotVR crashed render
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2013, 09:25:28 am »
I recently had the same thing happen to me (thankfully only on frame 311 of 324).  Here's how I fixed it.

These instructions work with Windows but can be a guide for Mac.

I had saved the initial camera angle and therefore was able to add X number (in my case 80) of degrees to it and bring the elevation up to where it dropped off.  I re-ran the VR from that point with fewer vertical frames.

The files that had been written before the crash are all labeled sequentially and had to be renamed to VR's X_Y scheme.  I used Excel to generate the new names and instructions and had created batch file do the rest.

I preformed a similar operation on the files from the completed VR, renaming them from X_Y to A_B, so they fit where they were originally intended.

At that point I then changed the horizontal and vertical frame numbers in the HTML and was all set.


I've attached the two Excel files that I used to generate the file names that I needed.  The file "VR Renamer" is used to rename the sequentially named temp files.   "Pickup Rename" is for the files generated by the competed VR and lets you pickup from a certain frame.

To get the file names into Excel, I ran "dir /b > files.txt" from the command line while in the folder with the images.  This outputs all the file names to a single file that can be imported into Excel.  When you are importing the images from VR that's completed use the underscore "_" to delimit the file input in Excel.

To get the files out, copy the last column from the excel file into a blank txt file, place it in the folder with the images to be renamed, and change the extension to "*.bat".

Hopefully this helps someone.