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Started by ben10, July 30, 2010, 08:45:56 AM

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Rhino to hypershot exports with no problem. But the new plugin doesn't recognize the material mappping from rhino. However if I import it from keyshot it shows the texture. What I want in Keyshot 2 is bring back the integration like in hypershot for rhino that shows material tabs and export the materials rhight away or recognize the material maps from rhino to keyshot export render.


The HyperShot Plugin implementation was very limited. We are looking into a better way of doing this.


before there is a material toolbar in rhino that can be painted into the object in that way it groups the object according to its material..but the new plugin is just taking into account rhino's material or layer colors(which i think is flexible but keyshot's own material inside rhino will be nice...which will edit again after exporting to standalone