GTX cards and Keyshot

Started by Reederdzn, January 29, 2014, 06:22:48 AM

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Hey All!

I just wanted to know if anyone has a recommendation or any warnings as i am in the planning stages of a new
computer system and am trying to decide between the GTX Titan and the GTX 680.
Specifically, does Keyshot support the Titan and 690 Cuda architecture-any conflicts or recommendations to date that anyone has experienced
would be much appreciated




Andrew, KeyShot only cares about the CPU and not about the graphics card. Any graphics card will work with KeyShot, just make sure that the drivers are up to date.


Thank Tom!

In that case, how would I fare with 2 Intel Xeon E5-269v2 2.4 Ghz Processor FCLGA2011 12 Core
chipsets? :)



These will work well. If you can afford a higher clock speed, go for it. Also check our benchmark section on this forum.