Importing decals from Solidworks

Started by amoore, October 30, 2013, 06:58:20 AM

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Hello there, my name is Andrew and I'm a designer currently working in Solidworks.  My company currently uses Photoview to render our designs but we are considering making the switch to Keyshot.  Due to the very fast paced nature of our industry, we have developed many modeling and rendering practices to make the process as quick as possible.  We apply all of our decals (labels) in Solidworks, and would like for them to import in their same location when we want to render our model.  Applying them in Solidworks allows us to have very specific control over where they lie on the surface of the model (we can snap a decal to the width and height of a face, for example).  Is there a way to import a Solidworks model into Keyshot while keeping the decals in the same place? Do all decals/labels need to be applied separately in Keyshot?  Applying decals/labels in Keyshot seems cumbersome as it is always in the process of refining the image.  When making fine adjustments to the placement of the image, we end up spending a lot of time waiting for the image to resolve enough to check our placement.  When applying decals/labels in Solidworks, it's easier to see what is going on.

So is there any way to import decal/label placement from Solidworks?

Hopefully this question makes sense.


+1 this would be awesome.

Actually I'd even settle for better decal handing such as 1:1 sizing of import (why is it never the same size as the file?) and better manipulation tools.(maybe snap points for easy lining up)  Decal handling is poor at best, though once its on the results are awesome.

For now you'll find it easier to turn off perspective, and view normal to your face and just show the part of interest rather than the whole assembly (if applicable)



Due to the nature of the industry I'm in (displays and such), we are often doing things such as showing a shelf with many different bottles of it.  Would I have to apply a label to each bottle (often hundreds) individually, or is there a way to treat it like a repeating part like Solidworks would?


I see you posted your question in two threads, so here's what I said in the other one.

I'm also a SolidWorker, and unfortunately there's just no way to import decals (at least not yet, hint, hint) with the SW model as the decal is not geometry.

Here's my two work-arounds:

1)   If the decal is simple, like a logo or graphics, you can place and locate the decal in SW as usual.  Then create a split-line registered as best as possible to the decal.  Then map (color) the resulting faces in any given color.  Then in KS you are off and running.

2)   Create a "bounding box" around the decal, again with the split-line.  Map the surface.  In KS, first apply the material to the box, then the decal.  It's really easy to tweak it to size and position exactly.  Then apply the same material to the main body, but don't link it.

I've used both, but I usually use the 1) split line.

Hope this helps!

Bill G


I'd import just one bottle, apply the decal then duplicate it in keyshot