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« on: November 02, 2013, 01:42:00 pm »
Hi all;

From the first time I played with Toons I've wanted to experiment in an attempt to capture the old-style lithograph or mezzotint look.  So I decided to give it a try, and I think I'm almost there.  But I have to say I have never worked on a KS or PS comp this long before!

Started by rendering two Toons.  One "standard" to a tweak I've been using as I've posted before, and pulled a clown pass as well.  The second with a "cast" normal (mine) at small scale and with the height very low, which increases contrast.

I then took the standard toon render into Filter Forge and tweaked it with a custom SteveeJ's UltraSketch.  Ditto my original color backplate.

Then brought the whole mess into CS5 and went to work.  Placed the FilterForge layers above the master KeyShot layer, and the clown under it. About 20 layers and masks later it was done!  Masks were minimal, with most work being Levels and tweaking transparency + Contrast, along with a couple of Surface Blurs.  It may appear a bit dark, but it looks great on my EIZO monitor, and prints beautifully on Brilliant Satin Matte White, my favorite media for B/W prints.

I'm still experimenting, but wanted to share the progress to date.  This one's done, and I'll work now on a new project, applying what I've learned to a fresh model.

Bill G
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Re: "toonerizing"
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Looks very nice on my monitor too :)


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Re: "toonerizing"
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Boy, that really looks nice!! The paper texture and tones are spot on :D

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Re: "toonerizing"
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Love it Bill. Another great application for the toon shader!