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Started by SergioBL, November 03, 2013, 05:25:43 PM

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Hi all!

Inspired by the name of one of my favourites metal band: Axewound...

The Zombie creature is my first sculpted model and is made in 123D Sculpt app for iPad, I know that is not as powerfull as Zbrush or other softwere, but you can get pretty cool stuff.

Then, I proceeded to paint and texturing the model, once I'm happy with the results, it's the turn of the Keyshot magic!!

I played most of time with the textures and bumpmaps trying to get that juicy rotten and stinky flesh effect.

The blood splatters and some layer adjustments were done in Ps.

Well, that is how this render came out... Hope you like my entry and all your comments are welcome!!

Sergio Loza


Works for me, give yourself a well deserved splat on the back :P