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Started by number12, November 11, 2013, 04:52:06 AM

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Hi Guys,
We are really stuck here and our deadline is on Wednesday. We created a 3D model in Maya 2008 (which is usually OK) It was a relatively simple model we created some cubes in Maya and a couple of boolean operations to cut a few parts away, however when we try to import into Keyshot 4.2.35 we get a message saying: "doesn't not contain 3d geometry export polygonal data from your modelling system. For additional help please contact"

We then just have a blank canvas in Keyshot, no models show up at all.

We have a really short deadline for this job and would be extremely grateful for a prompt reply. I appreciate that this may be something to do with Maya but either way we'd be VERY grateful for any help!!


That's certainly strange for Maya as it is a polygonal modelling tool already so there are two things i would look into,

1. Is the model built with NURBS, if so the they need to converted to poly's
2. Export from Maya as OBJ and import into KS that way

It's not a real solution but it should see you through your deadline



Not familiar with Maya, but have had similar issues with SolidWorks.  Try every combination of import options- DandD, direct, etc.  Also try both with and without "New Importer beta".  Also try to add it to an existing .bip, and try both materials and structure, I believe they are called.  In short, I usually find an option that works.  Good luck!
Bill G


Hi Guys,

Thanks for the replys. Managed to sort it in the end and was able to import as DXF. All good!  8)