Keyshot 4 64 crashes as soon as I open the materials Lib.

Started by Geronimo66, November 19, 2013, 06:55:51 AM

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As it says, I imported a wire file and hit M to open the matl. Lib.  It hangs and becomes unresponsive.   I tried opening Keyshot again, and without a math file loaded I hit M again with the same results.


One or more of your material files is bad.  Move everything out to a temp folder, then move sub folders back in until you get the crash.  After determining which subfolder the material is in, do the same with the individual material files.



hmmm wonder how that happened.  Its a fresh install...  I've been running it on my PC and just added it to my laptop...   


...well, that was just my guess.  I've seen the problem about a dozen times with ~20 users over the last 3 years - but never with a fresh installation.  It usually happens when moving from one version to another, or when opening an old package.

Another wild guess:  When you imported that wire file, maybe KS added a material it found in the .wire?  (we pretty much just use KS on Maya files here, so I don't have much experience importing Alias)


Yea, maybe.  Its a good place to start figuring it out.  ;)    Thanks for the heads up.

Chad Holton

Let us know what you find out. Just curious, was KeyShot working fine on your laptop until you imported a particular Alias file or was opening the material library always an issue on your laptop?