Be aware of the Mac Mavericks 10.9 upgrade

Started by abedsabeh, November 22, 2013, 04:29:20 AM

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Hi Guys,

2 days ago, I upgraded my Mac OSX to run on Mavericks (it was a bug mistake) and now I am having so many problems.
1- KeyShot is freaking out on me, very slow and annoying.
2- The dual monitor display mirrored immediately leaving a double screen of my system popup menu bar.
3- Monitors with HDMI connectors seems to have a problem with this great system upgrade.
4- My Wacom tablet is not working even with the new upgraded driver.

:( Abed


This is very strange. I have been using Mavericks for a long time, and had none of the above problems. Not sure about WACOM though.


I have a few issues with Mavericks but not many ...

KS is massively slower , well re-phrase less responsive whilst trying to edit scenes/mats.
Anything to do with file load or save, some strange reason it's as if it's rebuilding the index or file table or something but i have to wait an age to see files

On a plus note Apple are aware of dual monitor issues, so you might see a fix soon Abed



i noticed better performance from KeyShot when I disabled "App Nap" for it in the Applications folder.


to Abed:
have you found a solution for working with KS under Mavericks?
Because I got similar Problems on my Mac Pro: e.g.
- if i want to save a new Project in a Subfolder of my hard drive I have to wait 15 to 20 seconds until the content of that folder is shown (I'm 100% sure that this is a Mavericks Problem, because I found out if I restart my Mac Pro and after the finder is shown and I hit the Application shortcut (shift+cmd+A) I also have to wait about 15 sec. until the content of the Application folder is shown)

- navigating in the 3D Scene is so slow, and I see very often the colored ball

I only have these problems with my Mac Pro not on my MacBook Pro, but KS should run on the big one.

So please, if anyone knows a solution, how it is possible to get Mavericks work like it should do let me know!

A friend of mine has got the same problems with his Mac Pro and KS, so I think we are not alone.