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Started by HaroldL, February 28, 2010, 06:40:24 PM

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Ok, so I'm importing some Alibre parts into Keyshot and I notice they are incomplete. These same parts import into Hypershot with no issues. So I'm wondering; How is the "All new IGES and STEP importer" better?

Quote from: Keyshot_19_What's_New.pdf
• All new IGES and STEP importer (Windows/Mac): More robust import of IGES and STEP
geometry generated by modeling applications like Alibre...
So far I've had several failures to import and now incomplete parts. ??? ???

Here are a couple of screen shots of the same part imported as both Alibre .stp (blue) and STEP214 (gray), the first is from Hypershot, the second from Keyshot. I'm also including the part files.



Many issues that have been experienced with STEP files coming from ALIBRE and other systems have been addressed. We will take a look at these particular ones.

Thanks, Thomas


Now with Alibre-KeyShot press release, has there been any progress to report on this issue of importing Alibre files in to KeyShot or will we have to wait 'til the next release?

I can imagine there will be a lot more import questions posted here if there is no fix in place.


PS; Will there ever be an Alibre Plugin?


There are definitely improvements in the pipeline. Stay tuned!


Hi I'm seeing the same here switching from hypershot to keyshot, missing solid and surface parts off the same STEP file. Can't show the file I'm afraid but STEP214 out of NX into Keyshot v1.9.54.

Workaround so far using rhino layers and importing rhino .3dm file ... but annoying extra work.

Have to say the new hdri's look crisp and rich though, be happy again once the importers are fixed.

Cheers - Rob


Again, please make sure to either use STEP AP203/214. That will fix the issue in the majority of cases.