A bug when importing solidworks model with sketch image on

Started by bzemer, February 08, 2014, 11:53:20 PM

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I found out that if you try to import a solidworks part while a sketch picture is shown in the background, keyshot will not import it.
It says the file has no geometry.
I provided two solidworks parts as examples.


Do you mean a backplate image? I was trying to reproduce this and it works fine on the Mac. What version of SolidWorks are you using?


No, I mean inside solidworks (2013) there is a sketch with an image, and when I drag the file into KeyShot, after saving with the picture on, it can't import.

You can see the thumbnail preview on my windows, the ON part looks like the model is cut in half.
I think this confuses KeyShot for some reason, thinking there is no geometry in the file.

I also provided a screen capture from within solidworks.


Once again it works fine on the Mac. We will look into it on Windows. If you check "beta import" in the import dialog, it will probably work.


You are correct, the new beta importer did the trick!
Though i'm Still getting an error with regular importing.