Sketchup Camera import

Started by PhilippeV8, February 27, 2014, 12:13:03 AM

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Here's what I get with SU8 and KS4.3.10:

I import my scene in KS with Z up axis.

The model shows up well oriented compared to the environement.
However, the object / position - values show -90° rotation on X.
Now if I chose the sketchup camera (which is great that it imports it too!!), the camera axis does not correspond.
If I now set the -90° to 0°, I get the perfect match of the SU camera.  But the environement is off by 90°.

So is there a way to rotate a camera position by 90° around one of the axes/centerpoint ?


LoL ... 1 year down the road ... exactly same issue :p