Import from Inventor - components in centre of model

Started by bowen192, March 28, 2014, 07:13:16 AM

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I am using Autodesk Inventor with Vault.

When I import a model, some components pull themselves into the middle of the object.  In other words I have a blackhole in the middle of the tool which has sucked a load of components into the exact same place.

Some are content centre some are not.

Any ideas?


You may want to keep the original location of the model upon import. Check "Keep original" in the location section of the import dialog.


These are the import settings I used:

I think it is something to do with constraints and distribution.

If I save it as a shrink-wrapped model under a different name, it imports fine.

This is a problem though as none of the structure or part names are kept.


In case nothing else works, you could save as a STEP file from Inventor, then Import that STEP back into Inventor.  This does kill all constraints, but you can then import that "new" assembly into KeyShot .. it should work and you should retain part names etc.


Unfortunately this method only works if there are no name changes or parts added to the original file.  This is impractical for us.


Can you send an example file so we can take a look?