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Started by Phil_, April 15, 2014, 08:02:46 AM

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I'm currently working on a relatively complex part, with a number of bodies. However when I update or export the part using the keyshot plugin (current version) it seems to crash, I've waited about an hour but it just continues to load. Small parts seem to work fine, so is it just a waiting game or is it a problem with the part?

Seems to be caused by mesh in the model, similar models without mesh seem to update.

I've also dropped the updated part into the scene and updated the geometry, this seems to work very fast however some of the bodies are doubled etc.

My keyshot is all up to date.


Are you running KeyShot 4 and the latest plugin (2.9)?


Hey Phil,

I have experienced the very same problems with Keyshot and Solidworks (I use the latest updates/plugins). I have posted a few topics before (see below) but the problems still arises and no one has a solution. It's very frustrating having to start from scratch in Keyshot when one simple thing is updated in SolidWorks. Live linking is great for one stand alone parts, but when dealing with Large assemblies i.e. 150-200 parts (200MB-500MB) it fails. I also experience the duplicating of bodies when pressing the update button in SW.

Maybe the KeyShot guys could demonstrate a large assembly being updated to show that it can be done? Maybe I'm just doing something wrong? Hopefully a fix can be found. 




So the latest plugin didn't address the issues you were seeing?

Can you share the assembly and let us know what you are trying to do so we can test it here, and have development take a look?


I'm running the latest keyshot and plugin. Cant really send the project at the moment I'm afraid.

I'm pretty sure its the mesh detail on the product, if I hide the body in solidworks and update keyshot it works. However if I show it again and update it seems to crash, or at least take an extremely long time.


What do you mean by "mesh detail"? Is it a mesh you modeled?


Hey Thomas I'll share my assembly. I'll sent you a link on your Luxion email.


Got it - thanks! We will take a look.