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Importing animated camera
« on: April 23, 2014, 01:13:59 pm »
Is it possible?
I try to export fbx file with animated camera both simple and more complex animation and no results. I get error "file doesn't contain 3d geometry"

Then I parent camera to animated geometry ( cube), export/import and it works! I get two animated tracks, one for the cube and one for the camera ( though there's nothing animated on camera itself).

Final test was to export/import camera with two animated attributes ( rotation and fov), attached to animated cube. Everything worked well in keyshot except animated fov.

So, conclusion is that it's possible to exchange basic transformations when camera is attached to an existing object.
On the other side, different camera attributes cannot be exported, at least I don't know how.

Any thoughts? Suggestions?

If needed I can upload files I used for testing.