KeyShot is not importing SketchUp models with their materials.....

Started by qunbay, September 08, 2010, 04:09:24 PM

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When I try to import a model from SketchUp, KeyShot does not import the model with materials.

When I am importing the model, I clicked the " Retain materials (beta)" selection; but model did not come with its' materials.

But in HyperShot model importing with SketchUp Plugin selection was very easy and models imported with  materials very well.

Please help.

SketchUp Pro Version 6.0.515

KeyShot 2 Pro Version 2.0.46


Works fine here - when did you download KeyShot? You may want to download and install again, just to be on the save side.


I dowloaded on 06.09.2010.

You said; "download and install again.". Did you fix that problem on the new try ? or am I do something wrong on importing ?


That is recent - so no there is no change since then. Is this on Mac or Windows?

Can you import any other file format?



I am using Windows 7 Home Premium. I didn't try any other file format, cause ı'm using sketcup 6 only.


Can you send me a model? Or point me to one?

So it imports but your textures don't come with it? If so, can you make sure that you have write permissions to your texture folder?