Maya file import problem

Started by Gis80s, February 09, 2014, 05:28:49 AM

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I need some help.
I made a bulb, but I can't import...everything is ok, except for one part.

Could you help me?



Please provide the Maya file.



Here it is...  ;)



This is a problem with Maya API. You need to do a Smooth Mesh Preview. From the Maya documentation:

From Maya documentation:
"Note Smooth Mesh Preview affects only the display of the polygon mesh in the scene view. If you render the mesh while Smooth Mesh Preview is turned on the mesh will appear in its original un-smoothed state in the final image.

If you want the mesh to appear smoothed in a rendering you can convert the smooth preview to a smoothed polygon mesh using Modify > Convert > Smooth Mesh Preview to Polygons or to a subdiv proxy using Proxy > Subdiv Proxy.

We contacted Autodesk about 5 months ago to get this resolved. Nothing so far.


Why don't you try exporting the model as FBX or simple OBJ file? I try it with your scene and everything works just fine.

Hitting "3" key in maya produces viewport/realtime smoothing as Thomas wrote. So you'll have to smooth the model with smooth command and then export everything.
On the other side, smoothed normals should transfer to keyshot correctly, though your model isn't the best example to do that...