Author Topic: Suggestion for a new Keyshot capability  (Read 1661 times)

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Suggestion for a new Keyshot capability
« on: May 21, 2014, 11:46:16 am »
Not sure if anyone has run into this issue but right now the animation can only move/rotate objects on the existing XYZ axis.  I am/have currently dealt with machine parts that have movement that is opposite or in between the current XYZ axis.  It would be nice to have a feature added that allows the user to select a component that is not in the XYZ and have it move/rotate another object along the selected component.  I apologize if I am not explaining this clearly.  The best way I can think to illustrate this, is that I have a unit which has an arm that moves from 12 to 3 o'clock position, this arm has a cylinder facing the opposite direction and can raise/lower the arm back and forth from 12 to 3, but is not on the primary axis.  The feature desired is the ability to select the rod of the cylinder and to move the sleeve along that axis.  Anyone else had to deal with this?  Know of a good workaround?   And a 1001 please's to the programmers to add this to the next version  :D  Hopefully my humble marked up screenshot will help.