Author Topic: default frame rate key shot 4 and key shot 5 for rendering movie and images?  (Read 3143 times)

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Offline syfer

May I ask what is the default frame rate key shot 4 and key shot 5 when rendering out in movie and images?
As I need to know the frame rate for Adobe Premiere cs6 as think me setting is miss matching the rendering and that's why I have very jerky video so this why I would like to find out before I render any more.
I dont see any setting anywhere so I thought I ask this import question.
PS By images I mean rendering out all my turntable animation in image format.
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Offline Robb63

I'm not sure what the default setting is, but if you click on the gear icon on the animation timeline you can the fps from a list

Offline syfer

I never new that ok il will check and see thanks and ill report back

Offline syfer

Hi ok it seems by default it was 30 frames and was set to seconds and not frames so I changed the seconds to frames and I hope this works. It was way to choppy before but know I know I will test it out and see.