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VR not scale well on mobile and tablet keyshot 5
« on: July 06, 2014, 03:46:34 pm »
Hi well i must say to my surprise the vr function is good but and does not scale down. I have ticked down scale with web browsers but still does not and what's more i am more frustrated than ever. I feel we need a plug in to control in WordPress.
Just like
that would control how the vr scales down ect as of just know it does jack and I am so looking forward to using it.
I was told it was mobile ready as far as I can see no way near as I would say.
So know that's out of the way I am stuck in the size for the vr so what's the best size to render out on the vr?
Here is my test page
with advanced setting on for mobile and yet does not work on my phone and my website works on phones but the vr does not.
I have 20 models all rendered out in vr in the same setting optimized for mobile when testing this no luck and does not work as user experience and does not re size.
Please find a solution we are in the mobile and this what's missing for vr and I think no one tested this vr because if you did you would see it does not work and I am using the latest version as well.
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