Author Topic: Dell Precision M6500 (I5-520m/Firepro M7820/5gb) =8.5fps max Need CPU Upgrade  (Read 2857 times)

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Mines very slow especially when rendering or complex models  but I was going to go back to the desktop scene but wonder what cpu should I get and how fast I'll be going to

my animation time with 30sec 800x600 with an moderate complex ship is about almost two days

and 8k pictures are 2  to 3 hours

4k is about just over 1 hour (i don't like any lower then 4k pics)

so i need help getting a new cpu (whole new desktop) around next year when it will be purchase I built plenty of desktops around midend so I know what components go with which
so any help on what length of time you get on that camera  model I'll use that as a benchmark (Any help is appreciated)[/img]

Offline cooldex

actually 13.5fps just read the first benchmark post after I made this thread
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