AutoCAD to Keyshot (curves and parts issues)

Started by sevenlo, April 22, 2013, 06:37:01 PM

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Hi guys,

I'm so amazed on how fast keyshot can render with a great quality so I'd like to stick to this software so much but I'm having some difficulties importing my AutoCAD file :(

I'm pretty new to keyshot so this is probably something I'm doing wrong but I have a problem importing files from autoCAD to Keyshot.
When I import my a.cad file to keyshot, some parts are not placed accurately,some parts(curve parts) are missing and most of my big curves are very rough. I have tried all the file formats available in autocad, when i used the oldest type of format, the missing parts showed but the same parts still are not placed accurately and same curves are still pretty rough.  :(

I have also tried importing it first to inventor so i can save it as an IGES or STEP file but the textures i assigned in autocad where gone and the scene change to "grouping by parts". :(

I'm looking forward on being able to import well with just the file I saved through AutoCAD itself to keyshot.

Any solutions,suggestions, or info would be a great help. Thanks!


Okay I found a way to fix this problem but it requires 3ds Max program to be able to do so  :)

1st. Just do the No. 4 procedure in this guide

then export it as a 3ds file. After that we can import it to keyshot with all the scenes from autoCAD still available and curves fixed! :D


I am using autocad 2013 Mac and have exactly the same problem with the curves not coming out smooth but jagged. By now I probably read all of Google on this issue but have not found a fix for this, only yours which I can not use because I do not have 3ds max

Did you ever found a easier solution for this problem? I love Keyshot but every time I use any curves or rounds it fails.

Thanks in advance!

TriStar Jeremy

Just curious, were you using just autocad or autocad 360? Do you think it would fix the problem having 360 or is it still giving you problems?


Has anyone found a swolution for this problem when importing from Autocad that does not involve using other software?


Quote from: gtraptor on July 08, 2014, 10:04:11 AM
Has anyone found a swolution for this problem when importing from Autocad that does not involve using other software?

KeyShot 5 Pro supports NURBS import. Try using the Convert to NURBS command in AutoCAD to smooth the rounds then make sure "Import NURBS" is checked in the import dialogue. Please let us know if this helps.


Thanks but i found a better way, nurbs wont do the necessay smoothing of curves.

Autocad: Tools-->Options-->3DModeling Tab:
Tesselation button---> In there select Mesh type :"MostlyQuads", Mesh distance= .005 (gooddetail for most); Max Angle= 20
Mesh Primitives Button-->Adjust so that meshes have finer detai for curved objects
Last CONVTOSOLID if needed

If you have a 3D Solid created from an extruded 2D polyline use the MESHSMOOTH command, convert the solid to mesh.



So, I have been checking this . dwg import issue for the past 3 years and I see there is still no solution! What is the problem with this - I thought Luxion is an Autodesk partner or sort off !? And the response from the Luxion support in this forum is always a half-way - just say the truth that all we see and know !


If you can share example files with then we can have our developers look into it.


Just make a simple sphere or torus or whatever curved shape in AutoCAD or any AutoCAD clones and import in KeyShot. I'm on vacation now and don't have access to a office workstation.


any change this is going to be fixed ? It is useless for me this way. A workaround is open dwg in rhino and saveas rhine drawing, but i don't want to buy rhino purely for that...


You don't need Rhino - You can export from AutoCAD 2013 and Up in various formats and then import in KeyShot. But You loose layers, complicates the work flow and .dwg support is misleading!