Author Topic: Applying multiple decals (96) to a surface with multiple holes (65)  (Read 2637 times)

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This topic has been brought up before in thee forum, and I am hoping for possible new information or suggestions to make my life much easier.
It applies to decals skipping and hopping around surface with holes.

I have a surface with 96 holes, and need to apply numerous decals (each one is different). I am running into numerous issues.
1. I create a .png of the decal that is spot on 1:1 size ratio, but it does not bring it in that way, even when facing the surface head on. So right off the bat, the scale is anyone's guess. Frustrating.
2. The decals jump and skip around the holes, and with various locations, using the X,Y and Z planar adjustments is extraordinarily painstaking. At this rate, I will be done applying my decals in the fall of 2020.
3. I have even tried combing decals into sections, then bringing them in. See point 1. Scaling doesn't work, and the decals do not align correctly.

Is there a better way to do this? Is there simply an align with axis command for decals?
If not, there should be.

I really feel like I'm missing something here.

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Re: Applying multiple decals (96) to a surface with multiple holes (65)
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Just saw this tip on the forum today.  Seems like a variation on this might help you solve your mapping problem, too?!,9057.0.html

Another variation on this:  Do you have access to Adobe Illustrator?  If so, you could import an orthographic view of the surface you're trying to map, accurately lay out all your decals around the holes, and then export the image as one high-rez .png decal.
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Re: Applying multiple decals (96) to a surface with multiple holes (65)
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I have similar problems and have tried the orthographic projection method to generate a single PNG for the whole part.  Technically it's the exact size of the part so my graphics should appear exactly how/where they should... but they never do.  The scale is completely wrong and so is the position, and if there happens to be a hole in the center of the part that creates additional work.  I don't understand why Keyshot can't do the work for me since it has all the information to do so.