Started by MisterNeil, September 10, 2014, 06:41:35 AM

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I believe that Luxion can improve their communications with their users regarding bug issues affecting KeyShot 5. I suggest that they take the proactive step to create an improved, dedicated topic page within the forum section listing "All of the Current Bugs and Issues" affecting both the PC and MAC versions of KeyShot 5. Nothing fancy, just the details. And when the bugs have been fixed, the forum's moderator can remove them from the list.

I recently rendered over 1,300 frames, in a 4 day period to find out soon afterwards that there's a severe rendering problem with KeyShot 5. Specifically, fades applied in an animation are not properly reproduced when outputting PNGs with transparencies. Exporting Tiffs with transparencies are affected as well. Nothing in the software indicates there's a problem, not even when playing the animation in the timeline. Reality hits only after you review your individual frames when the renderings are completed days later. Time and money were wasted and a deadline may be missed due to a non-disclosed problem that severely affects productivity.

According to Luxion's tech support, they are well aware of this issue and a ticket exists to fix the problem. However, Luxion continues to advertise the Fade Animation feature in their "What's New in KeyShot 5 3D Rendering Software" webpage without including the statement: "The fade animation feature is not compatible when exporting PNGs or TIFFs with transparencies."

KeyShot 5 was released at the end of May in 2014. Since the introduction, issues with the software have been discovered. All that I ask is that the current problems affecting KeyShort 5 be clearly posted and updated in a dedicated page within your forum. And when the bugs are eliminated, they are deleted from the list.

Luxion, your comments are welcomed.



there are obvious commercial reasons why they wouldn't want to advertise this information, but I do think it would be very useful to have this.  Perhaps it could be a locked forum for only verified purchasers.
Some other cad software I use has a forum like this and the developers routinely participate and it can help shape features. of course it can also turn in to a bitch fest quite easily too.


There are some serious environment bugs as well. If I remember correctly, if you use a custom hdz environment instead of hdr, then submit things to the queue it renders instead with the default environment. Upon opening the file it does the same thing, until you go to the environment tab again? Something like that. It was bad enough, and burned me on a couple projects, that I won't use it again until the bugs are fixed.

I'd prefer to see the bug listed, any potential workarounds, and severity. I'm afraid to use the queue with different environments. It seems fine if you don't change much. But I just have no idea when it will break.

And I found out a few days ago that there is a resolution limit to the real-time render. It's 9,999 pixels, of those of you curious. You can render that size, but as soon as you reach 10k, it switches to the other render without telling you....AND it renders the number of samples you have set from the realtime render. 48 samples is a Bit high. :/
I've stopped even reporting them because I haven't been getting replies. Why send something if it's ignored?

I think I'm with you on this one Neil.