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My Shayder

Started by Mrh-Scorp, September 15, 2014, 12:00:41 PM

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I have designed this model for shaders. The reason I designed this model is that the industrial designers
(especially transport designers) can get a better idea about the reflections and the
materials before they apply them on their models.  :)

By the way there are 6 separate zip files of the Bip not 5, the sixth on in below the pattern column. if you want the file make sure you down load all of them :)


So do you intend to share the .BIP ?

If not, then this is the incorrect section for your post !!



I`m sorry, I must have forgot to upload it, I`m really sorry

I`ve tried to upload the Bip file but I don`t know why it won`t get uploaded, its .Bip file is 28Mb and its .rar file is around 16Mb, is there any way to make it less than this?????? because I`ve tried 50 times, and each time after 10 minutes a "new topic" page opens up, and then I check and see it didn`t upload the file.


I`ve found a way, you can download the SSDDF.z files and extract the BIP file :) I hope you like it

Syed Adil


Could you please send me the back drop file.

Best Regards


sorry I don`t know what you meant by back drop file, if you meant the environment or the texture, they both do exist in keyshot5s library

the texture files name is "grey_grid.png"
and the Environment files name is "Light Tent Screen Top 2k.hdr"

I`ve attached them here in case of that you don`t have the files