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texture mapping for keyshot
« on: September 24, 2014, 05:23:21 am »
hi guys...
I am new on keyshot...!
for example I creted a model in max.and i want to render it in keyshot.!
how should i uv my models in max to be good for keyshot?
should i use unwrap or uv mapping?
for example in this pic that it is my refrence model:

1-for creating this part,should has seperate material?how should i uv it?unwrap or uv mapping?
2-for this part that is body,what should i do for it?how should i uv it?is it need uv?
3-for this part that is text in my can i to have 2 materials on 1 part?because this text is diffrent withbody material..the should to be together! how should i create these texts?uv unwrap body?  (*important ask*)
4-for like these how should i texture them?or uv them...

my big problem is uv for using in keyshot.

have you good tutorial to show me this workflow for uv model and import to keyshot and rendering?
very thanks