Keyshot 2.1 still does not import SW files properly

Started by quigley, October 01, 2010, 02:50:03 AM

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They still come in at 90 degrees out. Every SW file import has to be rotated around the X axis by -90 degrees. This has go to be a really simple thing to fix, so can we please have this in th next update as this has been there all versions of 2.


This is very odd - as we tried this with many examples, and it all seems to be oriented correctly.


Thomas this happens when you use File import from Keyshot. When you use the Plug in it works fine.

Do you think it is worth me doing an uninstall and full reinstall? I've been using the updater packages with each version 2 update so maybe the updater package is not replacing an old importer?


Direct import - yes. It has nothing to do with the importer, but with KeyShot itself. You should be fine if you are running the latest.

I will take another look.


I've often run into orientation issues when importing SW models into KS.  Remember that how it orients on import is dependent on how you align your SW model in the first place.  A lot of designers use different conventions, myself included.

For example, "Front Plane" means just that to most, as the "front" of the part or assembly.  Almost everybody uses "Top Plane" as if you are looking down on the model, or a "ground plane" so to speak.

Since almost everything I do in SW is long on one axis, I use Front Plane for the 'side view', Top Plane as the ground, and Right Plane as 'cutting across' the model.  Works great for me, and most designers I work with follow the same convention.  But if I import someone else's model I often have to re-orient it in KS depending on how it was created in the first place.

Bill G