Any chance of a tutorial for materials creation?

Started by sdesaulles, April 28, 2010, 04:31:54 AM

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Maybe it is here already, if so apologies, but I can't find it. Is there any chance that Luxion could provide a tutorial of some sort for how to generate materails for KeyShot including texture maps etc. Perhaps most people already know, but I don't.

There seem to be some fairly glaring omissions from the Materials Library and some odd anomalies.

eg of omissions. there is no anodized aluminium - So Apple design won't be using this then  ;)

eg of anomalies, try red, yellow, orange, green or indigo tint glass, looks like clear glass of that tint now try bue tint glass - looks like some strange opalescent material.

Ah, and whilst Ive been writing this Keyshot has crashed again whilst just 'sitting' in the background (W7) anyone esle suffering that? Perhaps it doesn't like being ignored?

Thanks for any help.




maybe this helps you on your way:
* try applying a material from the library that is most similar to what you need.
* double click the material in the model and you get the menu with settings for this material.
* play around a bit with the properties until you get what you need.
* if you are happy with result and want to re-use the material in your other renders, RMB in the material library and you can save it.

This is how I work, maybe someone else has another workflow and is this a good start of a discussion :-)

PS on the crash... how would you feel if nobody looks after you... ;-)


Well, as far as anodized could always open up the texture file in photoshop and apply color in there.

I've modified or created a bunch of new materials using the included ones as starting points.

In fact it isn't very difficult to create your own materials from scratch with bumpmaps (aka normal maps) and all.  Camera + Photoshop + free Nvidia plugin (for PC only unfortunately) = the world is your texture library.

I could give you more details if you want 'em.


Or just a camera. Most of the time the jpeg is good enough.