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Started by ish, October 29, 2014, 10:05:08 AM

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first Keyshot render, getting to know software
model in 3ds max


designed rider,
added photoshop blur effect


You've got good things going on, but not everywhere the same level ..

Front weel, grounded very well, rear weel not so much ..
Rear weel blurred very well, front weel not ..


thanks Philippe,
i noticed that too after i uploaded, - corrected blur issue and touched tire down on the ground


2nd view render in Keyshot, vignette and bloom post-effects also done in Keyshot


post effects in photoshop


here is the breakdown of the scene:
motorcycle - i modeled this bike before this contest in 3ds max, there are some caveats and things i dont like, but i think it is ok to test it out here
biker - bike looked lacking without a driver, thought it would be better if i make a suitable one and modeled all in zbrush. I was able to low poly some parts of the biker and textured them. I thought it d help with the scene navigation and rendering times,which considerably downsized the polycounts.
renders are in this great tool, namely keyshot, i only had some issues with translation tools and scene imports, i wasnt able to find solution  for them myself. I also didnt use the animation tools of Keyshot, which i think i d probably use them in future contests.
There is small adjustments in Photoshop, mostly blurs. However, i found radial blur tool hard to adjust and somewhat not satisfactory in end result quality. Well, perhaps i didnt have enough knowledge.
Overall, there were great and professional looking  renders in this forum.
Good job all !