Retro Bonneville Lakester

Started by Speedster, October 31, 2014, 07:10:53 AM

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Seeing the wonderful 1932 Spearhead by sixten on the contest page inspired me to dust off my retro Bonneville Lakester. SolidWorks, and my first model using the subD plugin called nPower Surfacing for SolidWorks.  HDR is the kodachrome-basin from the KeyShot Cloud, with five added pins.  Smoke in CS5.
Bill G


likey likey Bill, well done mate



Just installed KeyShot 5.1.56 this morning, and I'm very impressed!  Smooth, fast, and so far no issues.

But I did notice a problem- KeyShot is a lot of fun, and sometimes hard to stop playing with it.  Be honest, how many other apps do you use that are just plain fun to play with?

I shot the backplate at a rest stop in Arizona last summer, but flipped it to better align with my dome shadows.

I modeled the driver (NOT a self-portrait!) sometime back, in SolidWorks (don't ask!) and using the nPower for SolidWorks subD plugin.  Let's just say it's not Z-brush!  Augustus Leroy is my SteamPunk nom de plume...

Kuddos to all who have posted their amazing work in this contest!  Truly amazing where KeyShot has brought us in so few years!

Bill G