Pitu Dragos _ Keyshot 2014 Contest _ Automotive Renderings

Started by Dragos Pitu, November 09, 2014, 11:36:28 PM

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Dragos Pitu

Hi guys! Finally I'm posting in this contest.

Found this super 3d model of a Mercedes-Benz SL 350 on grabcad ( http://grabcad.com/library/mercedes-benz-sl-350-2013 ) and thought it deserves some renders.

Hope you like the images. C&C are welcomed.

I'll be posting more images in this thread till the end of the contest.

Dragos Pitu

new render!!! be aware that this is my first try on motion blur with keyshot. Same SL350 model from grabcad , Keyshot and Photoshop.

Dragos Pitu