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Hot Tee

Started by Speedster, November 16, 2014, 09:29:42 AM

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Hi all;

There's something about 12 degrees and the first snow of winter to make you think about hot things.  Like Hot Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and well, other Hot Things...

So here's how I warmed up this morning! 

SolidWorks, KeyShot Pro 5.1.76.  Bump map only on the KeyShot ground plane.  Gal from DAZ.  Graphics from a shot I took several years ago at a much warmer Temecula (California) Rod Run.

And kudos to all who have and are submitting to this great contest.  All amazing work!

Bill G


Really nice back end in the first shot - theres no junk in that trunk ;)

Im liking your hotrod thang, feel like the side wall of the rear tyres could do with some more love.

Nice stuff