Winners of the 2014 KeyShot Render Competition

Started by Josh3D, November 20, 2014, 08:01:45 AM

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A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this year's KeyShot Render Competition.

Without a doubt, the 2014 KeyShot Render Competition has been the most incredible render contest that we've held to date. Not only were there over 300 entries of vehicles and automotive related products, but many of the entries were of the highest quality. It made it particularly difficulty to choose the top two renderings, but after careful consideration and much deliberation, we present to you the top entries of the 2014 KeyShot Rendering Competition and the two Grand Prize winners.

Grand Prize
Doug Didia
Jeep Grand Cherokee

Doug submitted many professional shots of various cars, including some incredible cutaways of others. Along with this, Doug shared how he developed the shot in KeyShot and created the composite images. Among all the images he submitted, this Jeep Grand Cherokee brings a particular mood that matches the epic setting it sits in with a stance and lighting that accentuates every line. See his other shots here.

Grand Prize
Esben Oxholm
Peugeot 508

Esben brought on of the most creative entries. Titled, "The Getaway" complimented with masked bandit and a motorcycle cop in hot pursuit, he set an attitude for the vehicle that is completely engaging and memorable, being careful to capture each line of the car. In that, he show and beautiful breakdown of the step-by-step compositing on the image, showing what goes into the process of creating such visuals. See it here.

Honorable Mentions
Sandy McPherson
1963 Jaguar D Type Long Nose

Sam Weise
Rat Rod

George Pizzo
Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Volkan Kaçar
Mercedes-Benz SS Roadster

Nils Piirma
Pagani Huayra

Bill Gould
Golden T

Edo Triviño
Volvo Amazon Interceptor

Pitu Dragos
Mercedes-Benz SL 350

Greg Peruski
Volkswagen GTI

Sergio Loza
1971 Nissan GTR

Germano Vieira
1962 Ferrari GTO

Galnor Design
Porsche 997

Marco Schembri
Lamborghini Edroid

Luiz Fernando Araujo
McLaren MP4-8

Versus Diesel
Acura NSX

Simon Williamson
Future Garage

Florian Benedetto
Nissan GTR Wheel

Franz Brandstaetter
Ford GT40

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's render contest. To see images of all the top entries, you can visit the 2014 KeyShot Render Contest board on Pinterest. All entries may be seen on the KeyShot Render Contest forum board and a list of all finalists with comments and links can be seen below.

All Finalists
Volkan - Mercedes-Benz SS Roadster - Drop dead gorgeous. Interesting car, great detail, materials, lighting.
George Pizzo- Chrysler autos - Professional shot of many Chrysler cars/trucks. Perfect in every way.
Sam Weise - Rat Rod - Great composition, color, materials and interesting car.
Sergio Loza - McLaren 650s GT - Very cool shot and perfect lighting to highlight detail.
Esben Oxholm - Peugeot 508 - Creative idea for a shot, nice breakdown and great detail, colors, comp.
Edo Triviño - Volvo Amazon Interceptor 1967 - Very cool car. Great lighting and composition with detail shots.
Sandy McPherson - Jaguar D Type - Great in every respect. Great car and composition.
Germano Vieira - Ferrari 250 GTO - Very elegant rendering of a beautiful car, great material and lighting.
Doug Didia - Cutaways - Very professional cutaway views of various automobiles.
Sergio Loza - 71 Nissan GTR - Gorgeous Black classic. Great material and comp to highlight lines.
Doug Didia - Auto montage - Loads of professional level shots, perfect composition and lighting.
Nils Piirma - Multiple shots - Three pages of shots, some very well lit with great detail and composition.
Adam M - 2013 M6 Coupe - Sits in scene well, great mood.
Bill Gould - Golden T - Neat idea to present the shot as model on desktop. Great detail and lighting.
Ryno - RWD P30-6 LMP1 - One of the only animations. Well done on lighting and animation.
Galnor Design - Porsche 997 - Professional level shots with great composition and lighting.
DgDesign - BMW i435 - Nice set of pro level shot for BMW i435.
Greg Peruski - Car set - A 918 Spyder and Volkswagon GTI that look great.
Simon Williamson - Future Garage - Cool work from Simon with 3/4 view of entire scene and color variations.
Marco Schembri - Lamborghini Edroid - Loads of shots with great lighting, compositions and some interiors.
Florian Benedetto - Nissan GTR - Eye-catching shot plus a great wheel detail.
Max Riba - Porsche 911 GT3 - Very nice Porsche 911 racer.
Golddigger - BMW M5 - Great lighting and mood.
Outsider - Lamborghini Aventador - Nice group of shots. This one stands out.
Franz Brandstaetter - GT40 - Great composition. Interesting shot with good use of materials and labels.
Luizfrma - McLaren MP4/8 - Cool front shot of F1 racer.
Andrea Chiampo - Mino Cooper - Many shots with some interesting detail perspective shots.
Alex - Hot Rod - Nice use of perspective with a creative point-of-view detail shot.
Pitu Dragos - Mercedes-Benz SL 350 - Great jjob with white paint and composition in scene.
VersusDiesel - Acura NSX - Nice lighting to accentuate lines.
Marc Senger - Buick Bombrunner - Interesting concept and animation. Great color/material combos.
Bill Gould - Delaharod Coupe - Great use of material and light to capture shape of car.
Sergio Loza - Jaguar - Well done shot with nice use of light to accentuate body lines.
Volkan - Koenigsegg CCX  - Unique setting, great detail and lighting.
Bill Gould - Speedster and here - Interesting auto and use of AO for automotive visual, great detail, shadow.
Bill Gould - 1927 Miller - Incredible detail, great material use and presentation.
Ethan Lim - Porsche 918 Spyder - Good attention to detail, well lit scene.
Bonsaipower - Mini Cooper coupè - Great attention to detail and use of materials.
Sam Debenham - Viper Concept - Nice perspective to highlight detail and presentation of concept.
Galazone - Range Rover - Interesting composition, use of color.
Alex - Hot Rod - Nice use of perspective with a creative point-of-view detail shot.
Natig Aghayev - Vaz 2107 - Interesting vehicle. Good material usage.
Natig Aghayev - Patrol Drone - Not the typical auto.
Oberfett - Mad Max Truck - Great texture and interesting subject.
L. Dkian - Nissan GTR R35 - Basic side view. Captures lines of car very well.
Marc Senger - Buick Wildcat Concept - Good use of materials on interior shot.
Alex - Mercedes SLS - Interesting dark composition.
Black Box - Flying Car - Cool idea for a flying car and cool lighting to accentuate design.
Marc Senger - Spearhead concept - interesting concept with crisp details and lighting.


Congrats to Doug and Esben!  Absolutely awesome work, and the Peugeot 508 is one of my favorites among many.  And, of course, the stunning Jag tops all lists!

It's an honor to be awarded Honorable Mention, but I must say I share it along with all who entered.  I've never seen such a great collection of renderings!

Great job, all!  It was a blast, and I know we all learned a lot.

Bill G


They are all excellent!  And Doug - thanks for sharing your workflow.

Ed Ferguson


Congrats to Doug and Esben, absolutely gorgeous images!

Very honored to be associated with the many great artists awarded "Honorable Mention", Thank you KeyShot.

This was a great contest and it was inspiring to see all the different styles and compositions.
Excellent job everyone and looking forward to viewing more in the near future!


Germano Vieira

Hello! Congratulations to the winners and thank you for the honorable mention! Is nice to see my work among so many talented artists!


Dragos Pitu

thank you for the honorable mention and great job to the other users. Congrats to winners and I can't wait for the next contest. Cheers!


Thanks for the honorable mention guys. Congrats to Doug Didia and Esben Oxholm for top marks and to all the honorable mentions I'm honored to be in such good company. So about those T-Shirts ;)


Great work from everybody that entered !!!!! Impressive images by all.

I have to get one of these T-shirts.......

Doug Didia

Hello all and THANK YOU KeyShot Forum!!!

Wow. I am really shocked that you picked one of my images among a sea of your fantastic entries. Congratulations to you Esben, and all who made this a very tough competition. Thanks everyone for your kind comments and feedback. I want to give a special shout out to Tim Feher, your teaching, patience and encouragement, you are a true talent and inspiration.

This is new for me to get involved with the KeyShot family of talent on this forum and I look forward to seeing more of your inspiring work.

Thank you again,



Great entries.
Fabulous winners! Congrats!


Esben Oxholm

Hi all.
A huge thank you to the KeyShot and forum!
I am very honored to be picked out as one of the top entries.
I didn't see this coming with all those amazing looking entries.

Again, thank you and congrats to the other winners as well. Good job :)

Best regards.


Congratulations to the winners. Absolutely excellent entries this year.

Arian Shamil

Congrats to everybody...some entries are really awesome!!!!  8) 8) 8)