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Started by WKSouthwest, November 25, 2014, 01:26:51 AM

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I'm having trouble finding designs/models online to practice with.
Can anyone help me out? with links, or perhaps share digital models?

I have already seen the digital models shared on the Keyshot forum.

Thank in advance!



I've tried that before, however i am having difficulty with importing many of those models..
still quite new to keyshot, so you got any tips, also not a certified or qualified industrial designer, so it's all new to me..
Also, have you got any tips for me?

thanks in advance!


There shouldn't be any difficulties importing the models. They come in many formats which are all supported by KeyShot.


Thanks a lot, i am able to import models now
with some addded changed settings to the download method.


There are many keyshot forumals and it will be very easy to import also.


Please check: DOSCH DESIGN -
There are several free samples.