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Started by raptorscream, January 22, 2014, 01:22:35 PM

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I'm a first time poster here and a beginer in modeling and I have a problem exporting/importing from 3d Max.

I've tried exporting some wheels and it looks horrible and don't know why.
My model has just a Turbosmooth with 2 iteration modifier and after I export it to Keyshot Pro 4.3 it looks terrible and loses the smoothness.
I've exported as OBJ and FBX with Turbosmooth and with Meshsmooth, with turbosmooth collapsed and it still looks horrible

I've added 3 photos with the results and 1 with the model in 3dMax

Am I exporting wrong or what?


It is most likely an export issue. Open up the scene in KeyShot and hit "H". This will tell you how many polygons you have in the scene.


are there any tutorial on how to export models from 3d max for keyshot, especially with turbosmooth/meshsmooth?


We don't have any. KeyShot doesn't do any smoothing. You will need to make sure that the polygon count is as high as possible when using fbx or obj.


The polygon count is high (at least 50k for a simple wheel), but Keyshot doesn't recognize Turbosmooth/Meshsmooth, and even after collapsing and having a Editable Mesh still doesn't recognize the smoothness.


Exported as a .bip for Keyshot and same results ....

Also, how do I set custom resolution for normal renders? can't set 1920x1080


50k polygons is not high at all.

You will need to adjust your aspect ratio in the SETTINGS tab. Then you can render out images at a resolution of 1920 by 1080.


I agree that 50k isn't high enough, but still Keyshot can't record the smoothness of the model ....


KeyShot doesn't support smoothing groups. You will need to find a way to export a high poly model from 3DSMax.


What I found that works is to collapse the smoothing groups ( in 3ds max modifier stack ) before exporting -
also you should try the new Keyshot 5 with the 3ds max exporter directly to max via a Keyshot  "BIP" file exchange - works very well !
It will send it into Keyshot and start Keyshot automatically.
I hope this helps you..