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Started by Robb63, December 26, 2014, 05:59:53 AM

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I am working on a technical animation for a client to present to potential investors, and would like to ask the forum for suggestions on software options to pull this together. The animation part is easy (obviously), it will be animated in Keyshot. The output will be a series of spins, and fades that showcase various portions of my clients invention.

The original idea was as the animation runs, I would add call-outs in After Effects that would fade in and out. My client would now like to add some pauses at specific points in the animation, so that he can discuss these called out features. He would also like a "Pause" button to appear onscreen during these planned pauses, so he can restart the animation after discussing each point.

He will be presenting using a Macbook Air (if that makes a difference to the solution). I have the full Adobe Suite I can use to pull this together. I was originally thinking that this was a job for Flash, but I don't really know the full Adobe CC product line anymore, so there may be something much better suited for a simple project like this? Perhaps After Effects can add this "Pause Button" in, and I don't know it?

The animation will be rendered in HD resolution in KS, and want the presentation to be full screen HD as well.

Thanks in advance for any ideas on the best way to pull this together.


Rob - I'm not an Apple user, but I know After Effects pretty well.

You could export your After Effects video as MOV and use the Apple Quicktime Player to present it.  The player has the usual Play and Pause buttons.

If you need something more fancy, embed the MOV video into an Apple Keynote presentation.  That way you can have a combination of slides and video.  I'd be surprised if Keynote doesn't have the ability to pause an embedded video. 

You could also break your AE into segments, with each MOV representing the video segment between pauses.  Then (I'm guessing here), each of these smaller MOVs can be embedded into a different Keynote slide.  When the presenter is ready to move on, advance to the next video slide.

Let us know what you come up with.

Ed Ferguson


Hi Ed, thanks for the suggestion. I'm not an Apple user either so unfortunately I don't have access to Keynote, unless there is a PC or online version Which I don't think there is?


I assumed Apple software was desired since the presentation will be on an Macbook Air.

However, the same technique will work with Microsoft PowerPoint, as it also permits video slides.